How to install MySQL on Windows or MacBook

How to install MySQL on Windows or MacBook

As a developer we all go through this. Every time we start working on a new machine we get a headache of installing each and every software like IDE , MySQL, Mango DB, etc. And we often forget some steps while installing software on a new machine and get error and stuck on it. So, it would be great if we have simple steps to follow and install these software.

Today I am going to describe all the steps you required while installing MySQL.

  • First of all search MySQL download on Google then click on first link you get from as shown below.




  • Then at last you will get a page with the downloads click download on the last option which is (mysql-installer-community- and not the (mysql-installer-web-community- as shown below.


  • After clicking on that last option you will get a page as shown below telling to signup or signin you can skip it and directly click on No thanks, just start my download.


That's it that's all the simple steps you required to download mysql. once it's downloaded double click and install it.

Thank you for reading this out.

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